What is Healthcare Compliance?

To be compliant a user must meet all necessary standards and requirements. Healthcare Compliance pertains to
doctors and medical facilities conforming and following all rules and regulations set by insurance agencies and the
state and federal government. Being compliant is positive for a variety of reasons and it can serve as a first line of
defense for the medical practice.

Staying compliant can be a challenging task, which is why most medical facilities hire/contract a Healthcare
Compliance Officer. Compliance Officers monitor facility procedures, training and development, and also all
technology utilized by the medical facility. The
Compliance Officer monitors these items to ensure all policies,
procedures, and technology are up to date and follow along with the standard set by the state and federal law.
There are seven core elements of an effective compliance program: Written policies and procedures, Designated
compliance officer, Effective training and education, Effective lines of communation, Internal monitoring and auditing,
Enforcement of standards through well-publicized guidelines, and the Prompt response correct problems.

Compliance rules and regulations are always changing, which ensures job security for Certified Healthcare
Compliance Officers. MCHC offers online and live training to teach you everything you need to know to become a
certified compliance officer! Is healthcare compliance right for you?