Why Get Certified?

An individual may have the general knowledge of a specific subject, but having a certification makes the
individual more valuable in the eye of the employer. In the
medical coding and billing field there are multiple
certifications for specific career positions. There are a few accredited umbrella companies that put in place
the foundations of these certifications. The two main companies in this field are AAPC and AHIMA. A few of
the certifications provided by AAPC and AHIMA are (but not limited to):
Certified Professional Coder (CPC),
Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA), Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) and
Certified Documentation Improvement Practitioner (CDIP). Again, this is only a small insight of all certifications
offered. The majority of medical facilities that are looking hire professional coders and documentation
practitioners require a certification. These certifications are interesting and also influencing in a way because
they build on top of each other. Individuals are not limited to only one certification. With that being said,
individuals can be successful with only one certification, however if the individual has the desire to expand
their knowledge base they can gain as many certifications as the individual desires. (Hint: The more
certifications you have, the more valuable you are to employers).

In regards to AAPC and AHIMA specifically, they say a certification can help you in the following aspects:
Improving your earning potential, can open the door to career advancement, provide a foundation of broad
and deep understanding, help you reach both short term and long term career goals, increase your job
mobility and opportunities, connect with a strong network of other certified peers, and to be associated with
the strong reputation of AAPC and AHIMA.

While MCHC also has a strong reputation and a strong network of peers, MCHC also provides live and online
courses that can help you achieve these certifications and help you on your way to dominating the
coding and billing field!