Test Pass Guarantee

MCHC is committed to your success in our online course, so much that
we have created our Test Pass Guarantee.  Basically, if you don’t pass
the CPC certification exam after successful completion of our online
course on your first or second attempt, MCHC will refund the exam fee
paid to AAPC.

The following requirements must be met in order to qualify for the Test Pass Guarantee:

1)        Submit completed
Test Pass Guarantee application to MCHC within seven (7) days
of registration of the course. Submit to student@coderclass.com

2)        Complete the online course on time, within five months of registration.

3)        Successfully complete ALL assignments.  Complete the online course with 85% or
higher overall score.

4)        Sit for the CPC or COC certification examination with AAPC within 30 days of
completion of the course.  Date of Certificate of Completion will serve as completion date.
You can register for your exam with AAPC once you reach module 16 (for bundle
students).  Make sure you plan ahead to ensure you meet this requirement.

5)        If needed, sit for the CPC or COC retake certification exam with AAPC within 60
days of your first attempt.  You can schedule your second attempt online at aapc.com

A refund in the amount of $290 will be issued within four (4) weeks by check.  The
discounted exam fee paid to AAPC will be refunded as long as all requirements listed
above were met, including deadlines.

Please note that discounted CPC and COC training (bundle or course only) does not
qualify for the test pass guarantee.