MCHC Ambassadors
The Purpose

The purpose of the MCHC Ambassadors program is to build a community of industry professionals
ready to seek and share information to build a better community and network.  The overall goal is to
define what the healthcare community of administrative professionals looks like in the industry of
tomorrow. The program will benefit members, customers and clients by connecting specialized
professionals through shared information in real-time to support the mission of MCHC.

The Ambassadors program trains, mentors,and supports the next generation of helathcare
administrative professionals.  The program assists MCHC and its members, customers and clients to
develop their skills in the fields of administrative helathcare education and community outreach at all

How can you become involved?

If you are an experienced healthcare administrative or clinical professional and are interested in
contributing to the mission of MCHC and the Ambassadors program email or complete the application form below.

What is required?

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